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A Geek Romance - Netdancing
A Geek Romance
This is the story of Ron Avitzur. While working on Apple's Graphic Calculator 1.0, Avitzur was laid off. The only thing is, he loved his work. He loved it, in fact, so much, that he decided to finish it anyway. So every day Avitzur and Greg Robbins, another laid-off employee, snuck into Apple using their old badges and pretended they still worked there. For free. With the help of sympathetic Apple engineers, the entire project remained a secret, and the guys were able to access a pre-release PPC. By the time Apple knew what was happening, their little calculator application was on the golden master disk, and was running 40 times faster than it ran on the old 68k systems. Apple was later to use the Graphic Calculator to major advantage during the release of the PowerMacs to show off their superior processing ability. If you want to know more about this incredible tale from the geek hero himself, click here.

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